Process of Civil Marriage over course of the time

At a time when broken many traditions, including those for which the upcoming matrimony dared agreement between the parents, a civil marriage (“Mariage civil” for French speakers) has become an integral part of the relationship for the majority of young people.

This position is accepted and even recommended by many family psychologists. In here, for example, this type of relationship is very common and there is nothing reprehensible when young people live together for some specific time, calling themselves a family or their union – a civil marriage. Civil marriage can be done before a celebrant notary. Civil marriage by a notary has noticeable advantages.

Pros of civil marriage

  • Why is this kind of relationship to many couples recommended by almost every family psychologist, especially in North Americaor another megalopolis, where a huge number of people with different approaches to family traditions are concentrated.
  • For the official registration